1. Origin Storage operates a minimum 12 month return to base warranty on all of its branded, co-branded and other manufactured parts. All special order parts not in Origin Storage’s product portfolio carry a minimum 30 day warranty unless otherwise specified.

  2. Prior to returning any product to Origin Storage, a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) form must be completed and sent to Origin Storage.
  3. Once an RMA number has been obtained the customer has 14 working days in which to return the product(s) before the RMA number becomes invalid.
  4. Dead On Arrival (DOA) period is 14 days from date of delivery from customer to end-user. Proof of sale from customer to end-user will need to be supplied in order to validate replacement. DOA items will be offered a swapout where available.
  5. Origin Storage will replace all complete DOA units with complete new stock when available.
  6. Customer will return to Origin Storage DOA goods complete with all components, cables, software, media and packaging, unless otherwise specified.
  7. Broken (physically damaged) or scratched goods cannot be treated as DOA unless proof that it arrived in this condition from supplier is given in accordance with Origin Storage’s standard Terms and Conditions.
  8. Refund or replacement may be refused and the warranty void if the goods in question are damaged or marked in any way outside of the 14 day DOA period.
  9. Damage caused in transit to goods shipped back to Origin Storage due to insufficient or unsuitable packaging may result in the warranty of the goods becoming void and a credit, repair or replacement being refused.
  10. After 14 days from date of receipt of Origin Storage product from customer to end-user, goods will be repaired only.
  11. Units for repair will only have the faulty part(s) repaired/replaced (It is worthwhile mentioning that in over 95% of faulty return cases, Origin Storage replace any such faulty components with new components as we do not have the resources available to repair CDROM, DVD, CDRW, ZIP, Hard Drives etc.)
  12. Incomplete goods sent to Origin Storage outside of DOA period will not be made good to re-stocking quality. That is, missing items e.g. software, media, cables, packaging will not be replaced unless specifically requested by customer in which case Origin Storage will charge customer for all such items.
  13. Any attempt made by customer to open or repair an Origin Storage product will result in the warranty being invalidated.
  14. Origin Storage do not supply free of charge accessories/consumables to customers, either to make good or for customer’s stock purposes.
  15. No customer will have an open RMA number.
  16. Customer must identify which product is for repair and which is to be replaced as DOA when completing an RMA form.
  17. All RMA forms must be filled in correctly. Fault descriptions such as “Faulty” will not be accepted and will result in delays.
  18. Customer will arrange to send faulty products to Origin Storage at their expense; Origin Storage will arrange to send repaired/replaced products back to customer at our expense.
  19. A valid RMA number must be clearly marked on paperwork and the outside of all packaging/cartons containing returned goods.
  20. Product returned for credit within 3 months from date of invoice where the product was not supplied in error will be subject to a restocking fee that will notified to you in writing. This fee is applicable for each product to be returned. An RMA number will be issued once you have agreed to the restock fee and the Origin Storage account manager has authorised the return for credit.
  21. Product returned for credit older than 3 months from date of invoice where the product was not supplied in error will be subject to a re-stocking fee taking into account depreciation. Authorisation needs to be approved by an Origin Storage account manager before being authorised by the returns department.
  22. Re-stocking returns for credit may be liable for a re-stocking fee based on depreciation and will need to be approved by an Origin Storage account manager before being authorised by the returns department.
  23. Any goods returned for refund must be complete and accompanied by all components included when the unit was purchased. Deductions will be made from the final credit total for all missing or damaged components.
  24. Any product returned found to be out of warranty will be repaired subject to a repair fee and labour charges. Origin Storage will contact the customer in order to quote for repair work before any work is carried out.
  25. Where goods are found to have no fault, charges will be applied and the goods may be returned to the sender and a refund/replacement refused. Invoices for advanced products will become payable in this event.
  26. Any product returned found to have not been supplied by Origin Storage will be returned un-repaired at the customer expense.
  27. Any breach of these procedures is a violation of our standard Terms & Conditions, for up to date warranty terms & conditions please read accompanied Warranty Terms document.