Origin Next Business Day On-Site Warranty provides high quality remote assistance and onsite support for your Thecus NAS and iSCSI Appliance, helping you keep up and running in a short period of time. 

Origin will work remotely with you to isolate, troubleshoot and resolve the problem. An Origin technician can even perform remote diagnosis using electronic support tools when available.

For issues that cannot be resolved remotely, we'll send an authorised Origin Technician the next business day after your call has been logged to your site. Origin will return your covered hardware to operational condition, repairing or replacing components or entire units as necessary.

How Do I Know What Products Can Be Covered?

Simply visit http://www.originstorage.com/onsite to determine if you can add the benefits of an On-Site Next Business Day Warranty to your Thecus NAS Product.

If you’re Thecus NAS Product is on the list then all you need to do is decide what period of cover you would like the warranty to cover, currently we offer 1, 2 or 3 year options.

What Is Covered By The On-Site Warranty?

The On-Site warranty covers breakdowns or faults due to defects in materials or workmanship of any internal component on a correctly registered and verified Thecus NAS product for the period of cover stated on your Certificate of Registration.

In the event of a breakdown the customer must contact Origin’s Technical Support team who will verify the fault is covered under the terms of this contract and will arrange for an engineer to visit the customers’ site to repair or replace the defective component.

What Is Not Covered By The On-Site Warranty?

The On-Site Warranty does not cover Hard or Solid State Drives that were not supplied and integrated into the unit by Origin Storage Limited at time of purchase unless specifically included for cover in writing by Origin Storage Limited.

External or user swappable components, such as Hard Drives or redundant power supplies are covered by a Customer Self Repair service where by a working component is dispatched for next business day delivery by courier, with the faulty component being collected at time of delivery. Full telephone support is also provided to assist the customer in installing the replacement part.

The use of beta firmware is not covered by the terms of the On-Site Warranty and cover will only be provided on Thecus NAS products which have non-beta firmware installed, unless express consent has been supplied in writing by Origin Storage Limited to the use of beta firmware.

What Does Next Business Day Mean?

A Business Day for the purposes of On-Site Warranty is Monday to Friday, excluding National & Bank Holidays, between the hours of 08:45 and 17:45.

We will send an engineer to the registered address, within Mainland England, Scotland or Wales, of the faulty Thecus NAS product the Next Business Day after the fault has been logged with our Support Department and the fault is determined to be covered by the On-Site Warranty. All faults must be logged and approved by 15:00 on a Business Day for the engineer to arrive on-site the Next Business Day.

How Do I Register My Product?

In order to ensure that your Thecus NAS is fully covered you must complete a Product Registration Form and return to us within 60 days from date of purchase, otherwise your product may not be eligible for cover.

It is important that you complete the Product Registration Form in full and that you check the details of the Thecus NAS to be covered match those entered on the form. Should you have any questions regarding completing the registration process please contact us immediately.

If you have purchased multiple Thecus NAS products and On-Site Warranties you must complete a Product Registration for each Thecus NAS in order to ensure that your purchases are fully covered.

Upon receipt of the completed Product Registration Form(s) we will validate the information and send you a Product Registration Certificate which will contain your unique On-Site Warranty Contract Number.

How Do I Obtain On-Site Warranty In The Event Of A Fault?

In order to make a claim under the On-Site Warranty you must ensure that you contact our Support Department immediately upon discovering the fault or failure.

You can contact our Support Department using the contact details on our website during the course of our normal working hours.

Please ensure you have the unique On-Site Warranty Contract Number and Serial Number for the Thecus NAS you are calling about.

Once we have verified your details a Support Representative will take details of the fault and ask you some troubleshooting questions to diagnose the actual cause of the fault.

Once the Support Representative has determined that the fault is covered under the terms of the On-Site Warranty they will arrange for an engineer to attend the location of the Thecus NAS and repair or replace the faulty component(s).

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Full Terms & Conditions Are Available At http://www.originstorage.com/onsite